Bitcoin Breakthrough: 60 Banks Across 14 Countries Join BTC-Based Cross-Border Payments Network

This should be a success story. Banksters and anarchists join forces through their ancient old technology.

BTC. Bank Transfer Coin. The standard. @ToneVays

Those worried that their crypto might go 2 zero, remember that every £ or $ u earn is taxed right down to zero anyway. Taxd earning it, taxd spending it, taxd saving it, 25yrs 2 pay off mortgage and sell house they get 40% and finally there’s inheritance tax.


Hi @wirexapp. Are you planning to add more digital assets to your platform in the near future? Maybe #VET or #ADA?

Simex, a Russian crypto asset exchange platform and an equity investment network that is registered in the US, supports trading in Ethereum, Bitcoin, a sundry of ERC-20 tokens, and now #XRP.

#XRPCommunity #ripple @SimExchangeDE

I guess all markets are getting beaten today.

Germany Nears Recession and Chinese Factories Slow in Trade War Fallout.

@wirexapp, I thought your CEO (@matveevp) was confident about XRP being a security.

I think he stated something in the lines of: "It is very clear that XRP is a security".

Well, it's VERY clear now that @TheFCA doesn't agree with you.

Still waiting for your aclaratory blog.

World Bank calls South Africa the costliest G20 country to send money from, with an average cost of 17.13%.
Get in touch if you send money out of South Africa - we do it better, faster and more cost effectively.

"Bitcoin is used by criminals"
- Banks launder $2T a year

"Bitcoin is wasteful"
- 70% of mining is renewable

"Bitcoin is too volatile"
- It's made a higher low every year

"Bitcoin isn't regulated"
- It's regulated by math

They have their narratives, we have facts.

@bob_way @WolfmanKnows @HammerToe @TR10115 @krissHemphill @xrp_news @xrpinmyass @Ripple People won't understand the role of XRP in this World.

They'll rather support the implementation of short-sighted techniques to artificially boost the price of XRP(so they can dump), instead of backing healthy strategies to drive organical, real-world utility into the ecosystem.

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